Are you ready for the summer-autumn change?

According to some studies, beer is an excellent accompaniment drink of choice in the days of heat, but,  Is wine for the whole year?

Wine is not a drink to accompany a meal, but for all kinds of moments. Is not it refreshing and delicious a good white wine or icy sparkling wine after a hot day?

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13 de octubre de 2015

Wine fermentation

The process of fermenting wine is the incredible transformation of grape juice into wine at the primary and secondary fermentation, 

And since a picture is worth a thousand words...

We leave you an example of this!

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31 de agosto de 2015

Manual selection of grapes

Bodegas H. Calvente harvested each of the grapes by hand and traditional, thus providing a more careful treatment of the fruit.

After this first selection on the field, Bodegas H.Calvente make a second selection of best grapes for winemaking, bunch by bunch in its selection table in order to achieve an optimal level of quality.

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20 de agosto de 2015

The harvest could be brought forward this year

Bodega H. Calvente confident that the temperatures drop a bit, otherwise the harvest this year could be brought forward.

The latter heat waves, has made advance the process of ripening of the grapes, which is expected to begin in mid-August harvest white grape, and later this month with red grapes.

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03 de agosto de 2015

Calvente Guindalera Blanco 2014: FINALIST in “Wines from Spain Awards 2015”

Today, we wake in Calvente with enormous pride to be among the 100 best Spanish wines in the UK market as recognized in the "Wines from Spain Awards 2015" contest in the UK.

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21 de julio de 2015

What you see in me is what I am

Another year, Bodega H. Calvente and the Culinary and Cultural Association of Friends of Wine Calvente thank for good reception given between existing partners the sponsorship of new vines by the new partners on 30th of May in the Guindalera.

We feel a great gratitude to each of you for your help and the result obtained. Thank you!

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05 de junio de 2015

Nuevo Calvente Guindalera Blanco 2104

New "adventure": Design of CALVENTE GUINDALERA 2014

It is colloquially says "Renew or die!" That is why a few days ago, we presented the new design image Calvente Guindalera Blanco 2014, just a few strokes capable of providing a minimalist touch, but always continued in its special original line.

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29 de mayo de 2015

New vintage Calvente Guindalera 2014

Calvente is pleased to present its new vintage "Calvente Guindalera Blanco 2014", continuing its commitment with the native variety "Muscat of Alexandria" from vines between 80 and 120 years old.

The new vintage of this designation of origin, expresses the complexity, finesse and aromas of the grapes, soil and climate from which, appearing aromas of tropical fruit, citrus, white flowers, honey, freshly cut grass and eucalyptus. In turn, the palate presents elegant, fresh, balanced and with a final hints of lime and pineapple.

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25 de mayo de 2015

It's here Calvente Castillejos 2010!

Complex aromas because the varietal aromas of the Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Tempranillo and Merlot predominate, giving an aroma of fruit and liqueur. After some aeration gives us aromas of cinnamon, and then, noticeable aromas of spicies and roasted.

It is a wine with flavor and body on the palate, with aftertaste of almonds, chocolate and red fruit, again.

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20 de mayo de 2015

V Cata solidaria “Madre Coraje”

Dar nuestro más sincero agradecimiento a la Asociación “Madre Corage” de Granada por invitarnos a colaborar en su proyecto de recaudación de fondos para el desarrollo de los pueblos empobrecidos de Perú.

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15 de mayo de 2015